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Government of Nevada

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The Government of Nevada has three branches of governmentThe Constitution of the State of Nevada was created on July 4,1864. The Government of Nevada has three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The legislative branch is personified in the bicameral General Assembly. The Governor is the head of the executive branch. The Judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court.

Governor of Nevada

The Governor of Nevada is the chief official of executive branch of Nevada. He has the supreme executive power and is responsible for the execution of the laws. Like the President, the Governor is limited to two four-year terms and is directly elected by the residents of the state. The Governor appoints many agency heads, but some cabinet level officials are elected statewide.

Contact Details
State Capitol Building
101 N. Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-5670
Fax: (775) 684-5683

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Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor of Nevada is the second highest executive and runs separately from the Governor. He can be elected even if he or she is from a different political party. The Lieutenant Governor can serve several terms. He is the President of the Senate; the Lt. Governor supervises debate in that chamber and controls the movement of legislation through the chamber. If the Governor dies or otherwise can no longer fulfill his duties, the Lieutenant Governor serves the Governor's unexpired term.

Contact Details
Capitol Building
101 North Carson Street, Suite 2
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-7111
Fax: (775) 684-7110

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Secretary of State

The Secretary of State of Nevada maintains public records and supervises general elections. They also investigate election fraud and enforcing state election laws.

Contact Details
Nevada State Capitol Building
101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-684-5708
FAX: 775-684-5725*
Email: sosmail@sos.nv.gov

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Attorney General

Attorney General of Nevada serves as the attorney and legal advisor for authorities, the Governor, all state agencies and departments. It can initiate civil or criminal actions on behalf of the State of Nevada when requested to do so by the Governor. By law the Attorney General does not provide legal advice to private citizens.

Contact Details
Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Telephone: 775-684-1100
Fax: 775-684-1108

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Treasurer has full authority to invests all funds of the State, except for the State Retirement funds, and including the local government investment pool. He serves on board of Deposits, Land Commissioners, Loan and Investment Board and State Canvassing Board.

Contact Details
101 N. Carson Street, Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-5600
Fax: (775) 684-5781

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State Controller

The Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) of the state and is responsible for administering the state’s accounting system, settling all claims against the state and collecting debts owed to the state.The Controller ensures the money collected from taxes is properly accounted and spent in most efficient manner.

Contact Details
Nevada State Capitol Building
101 N. Carson St. Suite 5
Carson City, NV 89701-4786
Phone: (775) 684-5750
Fax : (775) 684-5695

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Legislative Branch of Nevada

The Nevada Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of NevadaThe Nevada Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Nevada. The Legislature is a bicameral body, consisting of the lower house Nevada Assembly, with 42 members, and the upper house Nevada Senate, with 21 members. All 63 members of the Legislature are elected from an equal amount of constituent districts across the state.

The Nevada Senate is the upper house of the Nevada Legislature, the state legislature of U.S. state of Nevada. The Senate currently (2012-2021) consists of 21 members from 21 districts.

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The Nevada Assembly is the lower house of the Nevada Legislature, the state legislature of the US state of Nevada. The body consists of 42 members, elected to two-year terms from single-member districts.

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The Nevada State Capitol is the capitol building of the U.S. state of Nevada. It is located in the state capital of Carson City at 101 North Carson Street. The building was constructed in the Neoclassical Italianate style between 1869 and 1871. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Judicial Branch of Nevada

The Judicial Branch of Nevada consists of Supreme Court, District Courts, Justice Courts and Municipal Courts.

Supreme Court of Nevada

The court is responsible to make effective rules and policies for the appropriate working of the entire court system. The court system of Nevada is efficiently managed by the Nevada Supreme Court. The court is responsible to make effective rules and policies for the appropriate working of the entire court system. The Chief Justice and four Associate Justices makes the final decisions in the matter of the District Court. The Supreme Court take appeals from decisions of the district courts as well as from the Industrial Commission and of the Public Utilities Commission. It has main authority to take cases against the state and to issue writs of mandamus, review, habeas corpus and prohibition. There are five justices at present. For more information click here.

Contact Details
201 South Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada, 89701
Email: nvscclerk@nvcourts.nv.gov
Phone: (775) 684-1600
Phone: (702) 486-9300
Fax: (775) 684-1601

District Courts

In District Courts, Judges are selected by the other district judges in the district and a Trial Court Administrator (TCA). District courts and district court judges takes cases over civil and criminal cases. District Judges also reviews cases from the Magistrate Division. In the District Courts, judges handles serious criminal cases which are punishable by a fine or by the death penalty, as well as civil cases when the money amount involved is over certain amount.

Carson City District Court
Churchill County District Court
Clark County District Court Civil/Criminal Division
Douglas County District Court
Elko County District Court
Esmeralda County District Court
Eureka County District Court
Humboldt County District Court
Lander County District Court
Lincoln County District Court
Lyon County District Court
Pershing County District Court
Storey County District Court
White Pine County District Court

Justice Courts

Justice Court determines whether felony and gross misdemeanor cases have enough evidence to be bound over to District Court for trial. The court hears misdemeanor non-traffic cases as well as general civil cases (amounts up to $10,000), small claims (up to $7,500), summary eviction cases, and requests for temporary protective orders (domestic violence or stalking and harassment).

Argenta Township Justice Court
Austin Township Justice Court
Beatty Township Justice Court
Beowawe Township Justice Court
Boulder Township Justice
Bunkerville Township Justice Court
Canal Township Justice Court
Carlin Township Justice Court
Carson City Justice Court
Dayton Township Justice Court
East Fork Township Justice Court
Eastline Justice Court
Elko Township Justice Court
Ely Township Justice Court
Esmeralda Township Justice Court
Eureka Township Justice Court
Goodsprings Township Justice Court
Hawthorne Township Justice Court
Henderson Township Justice Court
Incline Village Township Justice Court

State Agencies of Nevada

Nevada Department of Agriculture

The Department of agriculture manages all the agricultural industries.The Department of agriculture manages all the agricultural industries. It promotes environmental safety by creating awareness and by implementing various programs such as crop residue disposal , smoke management, ground-water quality check, pesticide management and so on. It provide security, safety and financial security within the agricultural industry. It exercises field check every year on a huge range of crops.

Contact Details
405 S 21st St, Sparks,
NV 89431, United States
1 775-353-3600

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Department of Health

Nevada Department of Health is responsible for defending the public health and security of the residents and countless visitors of the state of Nevada. The Department is liable to the state legislature, the Executive Office of the Governor, all residents and visitors in the state, and the federal government.

Contact Details
Southern Nevada Health District
P.O. Box 3902
Las Vegas, NV 89127

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Nevada Department of Education

It consists of the Idaho State Board of EducationThe Nevada State Department of Education works toward the vision, mission and goals of the State of Nevada education. It consists of the Nevada State Board of Education, a policy-making body, which makes and implements all policies for all public education in Nevada.

Contact Details
9890 South Maryland Parkway
#221, Las Vegas,
NV 89183, United States

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Nevada Department of Taxation

The Nevada State Tax Commission is responsible for implementing Nevada’s tax laws and create awareness among people about their roles in the state's tax system. It works toward the state's tax laws in a timely, fair and cost-effective for the betterment of all citizen of Nevada.The revenue collected by the Department funds all levels of government in Nevada, including school districts, cities, counties and the state.

Contact Details
1550 College Parkway, Suite115
Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 684-2000 (Phone)
(775) 684-2020 (Fax)

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Nevada Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation works toward the transportation systemThe Department of Transportation works toward the transportation system of Nevada. Department of Transportation manages the safety of bridges, roads,airports, railways and seaports. Nevada transportation system includes roadway, airways, railways, sea, bus transit, spaceports, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Contact Details
1263 South Stewart Street Carson City,
Nevada 89712. Telephone: 775-888-7000.
TTY: 1-855-878-NDOT (6368).
Fax: 775-888-7115

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Nevada State Police

The Nevada State Police works significantly to promotes safety of public and enhances the quality of life by creating a
sense of security. It has four departments which comprises of Administration, Forensic Services, Internal Investigation and Operations.

Contact Details
4615 W Sunset Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89118,
United States
1 702-486-4100

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